Consulting and accompaniment
made to measure of entrepreneurs

A consultant working for a company offers tailor-made support in the design phases, strategic approaches, deployment of action plans, innovative approaches, etc.

The creation & modification of a company


In order to successfully prepare a career project, there’s a certain business spirit and knowledge that one must learn to have. Indeed, before the official start of the activity, it will be necessary to carry out a market study and check the profitability of the project. It is also necessary to make a business plan and choose the best legal form. The site offers entrepreneurs various services. It also helps its customers to accomplish statutory changes or the dissolution and liquidation of a company.

Thanks to the service of the professionals in business creation, experts or novices benefit from a fast and economic help. These professionals provide various services: change of manager, drafting of company articles of association, modification of the registered office, etc.

Recruitment consulting & HR management


Nowadays, the company’s activities are affected by constraints resulting from various factors. In order to manage staff well, economic difficulties must be assessed. Technological development reinforces the organization of the system related to production. This leads to the elimination as well as the modification of certain workstations. In order to reclassify employees, it will be necessary to offer them new training courses. Regulatory and sociological constraints must also be managed by human resources.

Consulting firms offer occasional interventions concerning audits, technical expertise and recommendations. The establishment intervenes to resolve a managerial crisis or an internal change. The service provider has tools adapted to the structure and activity of its clients.

Consulting firm

International Development Consulting

Advisers, consultants and expertise


Business Coaching

The objective of business coaching is to develop a company. For the coaching to be successful, it is essential that the trainee is involved during the coaching sessions. The objective of the business coach is to offer personalized courses in order to develop the potential of business leaders. To achieve this, the coach provides the trainee with a methodology enabling him/her to appropriate the basics of the entrepreneurial profession.

Accounting expertise

A chartered accountant controls, rectifies, supervises the accounting of the companies. The specialist can also work on behalf of legal entities. He may be asked to draw up the profit and loss accounts and balance sheets of companies, craftsmen, farmers, etc. Those who practice this profession not only monitor the accounts of a company, he also advises his clients on taxation, management, organisation, etc.

Audit services

An audit is a process that allows a manager to discover potential problems in a company’s accounts. This process also evaluates the conduct in order to improve the management of the company. The goal is to ensure that the company has not committed any fraud or oversight that may prevent the company’s economic growth. The audit service also covers the control of the compliance of practices, documents, etc.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy, as described on, is part of the corporate strategy.
They are action plans implemented by a company to achieve marketing and sales objectives.

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