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4 Essentials for the delivery of an excellent product experience

An excellent product experience is essential for any business that wants to remain competitive. There are four key elements to delivering such an experience: a focus on the customer, a focus on the product, a focus on the delivery process,…

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Which is better CRM or ERP?

Organizations need a structure for them to thrive, and having a software system is vital to the organization’s business operations. Today organizations use systems to streamline their activities. One is the CRM system while the other is the ERP system….

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IBC packaging

IBC packaging systems: which models to choose?

A Schutz IBC UK refers to reusable industrial containers that have been designed to aid in the safe storage and transportation of liquid items. According to an intermediate bulk container is a cost-efficient solution as it’s relatively cheaper compared…

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business bank account

Tips for choosing a business bank account

When running a small and medium-sized enterprise, it is essential that you separate your personal and corporate finances by opening a bank account for your company. This is to enable you to distinguish your enterprise’s equity from your personal assets…

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Why working with an umbrella company in Turkey?

The umbrella company provides with services which appear to stand for an uncommon abroad employment status. It aims to be a simple and efficient springboard that allows to test, without risk, its business at the level of a new market. The…

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Energy renovation, a sector of the future and a business driver

The energy transition is more than ever one of the main concerns of government authorities. It obviously involves households, but also installers and businesses. In the context of energy renovation, the State has introduced various types of aid to finance…

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The enduring fashion: the madness of food trucks

Those who have less and less time to eat can rely on mobile catering. Instead of ordering your meal elsewhere, it is the meal itself that comes to you to replenish you. Mobile dining, a style straight from the United…

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Coaching: personalized health, sport and nutrition are on the rise

Many people currently use coaching in sport, health and nutrition. In addition to benefiting from a personalized follow-up, this solution allows them to boost their motivation and helps them reach their goals. In order to fulfill his mission, the personal…

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Beauty and aesthetics: beauty salons in great shape

The quality of a beauty salon is important before making a choice. It is not a matter of chance to go into any salon. Every customer will inform and inquire before making an appointment about any service offered on the…

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Transport companies: using a fleet management service

The management of a transport company requires the resolution of several problems specific to the sector. Among these problems, fleet management takes a predominant place as, on the one hand, it concerns the main activity of the company, and on…

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