Those who have less and less time to eat can rely on mobile catering. Instead of ordering your meal elsewhere, it is the meal itself that comes to you to replenish you.

Mobile dining, a style straight from the United States

The concept originated in the United States, but it has long since crossed American borders to serve consumers in other countries.  The food is prepared in a food truck by real chefs. Since catering is mobile, the address of the truck changes every day. The advantage of the food truck over its neighbours (mobile snack bars, sandwich stands, etc.) is the absence of junk food. Concerned about the quality of the service, the chefs of the food trucks put the emphasis on gastronomy. So what do they serve in these famous trucks?

Food trucks: recipes adapted to customer needs

Why are food trucks so successful? Their recipes have something to do with it. As mentioned above, these mobile restaurants optimize the quality of the food served. For example, you can expect hamburgers with freshly baked bread. And the toppings are not to be outdone. Freshly baked bread from the bakery may contain fresh cheese, caramelized onions, homemade ground beef and a good fresh salad, all accompanied by an exquisite sauce. This is "real cooking" at reasonable prices. The proximity of the food trucks gives you the opportunity to enjoy your meal, no matter how busy you are. Nothing beats a good meal taken just a few steps away from your school, university or workplace.

A way of eating that hasn't put an end to the restaurant business

The term "old-fashioned" is excluded from the vocabulary of food trucks. The trend towards mobile catering is spreading all over the place, making the concept even more popular. Food trucks are flourishing on the streets of countries where food has a special place. But how can you be on time if these trucks are on the move every day? Just check their routes on the web. That way you can organise your dinner and the rest of your day. Don't worry, your favourite dish will be offered there with an extra supply of appetizing ingredients. There's something for everyone in the food trucks, and for a small price too.