As soon as leadership within a company is powerful, it can expect to achieve many strategic objectives through concrete actions that emanate from the manager himself and his teams: building team cohesion, inspiring and impacting, acting as a leader and strategist, fostering collective intelligence, making strategic decisions, giving vision in the face of uncertainty, taking risks... In what follows, we will take a particular interest in what leadership really is and how it can be enriched through leadership coaching.

Leadership: what does it consist of?

More concretely, leadership is a term that mainly refers to the ability to mobilize the energies of a team to unite it around a common goal. Leadership thus allows to influence team members so that they can free themselves from the constraints arising from the execution of their tasks. Although it is not easy to grasp this concept correctly, we can very well base ourselves on all its fundamentals to define it:
  • A leader is proactive;
  • A leader imagines and shares a vision;
  • A leader serves his team, not the other way around;
  • A leader is about building team cohesion;
  • A leader is able to foster collective intelligence;
  • A leader is a very good strategist by nature;
  • A leader always sets the bar very high;
  • A leader can bring out the best in his team;
  • A leader must be both a leader and a guide;
  • A leader takes risks;
  • A leader is a perfectionist and is always striving for continuous improvement;
  • Etc.
In short, behind the term leadership lies a set of personal, relational, strategic and systemic thinking skills. Knowing how to lead yourself through leadership coaching Before a leader can hope to influence all the members of his team, he must first work on his self-control. Thanks to the customized support of a business coach, the leader can reinforce his self-knowledge, optimize his assertiveness, consolidate his active listening skills, perfect his interpersonal communication, manage his emotions and stress, work on his flexibility of mind, etc.

Perfect your leadership style by focusing on coaching

Leadership coaching allows the leader to become aware of strengths as well as areas of vigilance in his leadership style. What's more, he can improve his proactivity which is indeed one of the essential points to become a good leader. In this case, the coach will ensure that the coached leader can improve his anticipation skills. In this way, the leader can work on his dynamism, motivation and courage. With such individualized coaching, the leader can develop his sense of responsibility, his abilities, his knowledge and his influence on others. The results thus obtained are more concrete and visible. When a leader undergoes leadership coaching, he can expect more motivation and cohesion within his team. The leader can also expect a decrease in turnover.