A Schutz IBC UK refers to reusable industrial containers that have been designed to aid in the safe storage and transportation of liquid items. According to www.nanolike.com an intermediate bulk container is a cost-efficient solution as it’s relatively cheaper compared to ordinary water storage tanks of a similar size. However, its pricing is dependent on the client using the right IBC for the activity at hand.
Currently, there are three available IBC model types. Each has a specific intended use, a set price point, and varying properties.

New IBCs

Refers to Schutz IBC tanks manufactured from virgin materials and meant for use in storing drinking water.
Each aspect of the containers in this group is brand-new and is one that is manufactured using virgin components, cages, and materials. The container is BPA free and is made using food-grade polymer. This means it’s ideal for use in storing and transporting liquids meant for both human and animal consumption, e.g., oils, milk, water, and alcohol.
The container can also be used for other purposes such as holding items manufactured in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Every new IBC is supplied with a galvanized outer cage and an HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic bottle.
It also comes with a foil seal on the outlet and a tamper-evident seal placed on the outer valve cap. This is to show that the bottle inside is ideal for use in storing water as it hasn’t been used in the past.
Common uses include:

  • Holding cosmetic and perfume ingredients
  • Drinking water
  • Pharmaceutical ingredient storage
  • Storing grain
  • Cider and beer making

Reconditioned IBC Shutz Containers

This is deemed as a budget-friendly or more affordable option to the rebottled or new containers
A reconditioned IBC refers to a storage tank or container that has been used in the past and then been taken through a professional laundering process. This is meant to make it ready for re-purposing.
The process of reconditioning a used IBC calls for the thorough cleaning of the IBC. Professional cleaning is undertaken in both the exterior and interior sections. The cleaners also ensure the steel frame and the inner bottle are all cleaned. When cleaning is complete, the next step is to perform a visual inspection and a leak inspection to confirm its integrity.
While reconditioned IBCs are containers that have been well cleaned following the highest cleaning standards possible, the supplier can’t provide certain guarantees. For instance, they can’t know which products had been held in the container before its reconditioning.
For this reason, they cannot recommend that such an IBC be used to hold drinking water for animals or humans. It’s, however, essential to note that suppliers don’t knowingly sell IBCs that had in the past been used to hold or transport materials or items of a hazardous nature.
Common uses for a reconditioned IBC include:

  • Storing water used to water plants and flowers
  • Harvesting rainwater
  • Storing all kinds of waste materials with the most common being motor oils and cooking oils.

Rebottled IBCs

This refers to Schutz IBC fittings that come featuring a completely new inner bottle. The cost of a rebottled IBC is often offset through the use of a wholly refurbished cage.
A storage container falling in this category is one that is partly re-used and part new. Simply put, the rebottled IBC is typically a container comprising of a high-quality used cage. However, the inner bottle is in this case exchanged for a new outlet valve and a virgin bottle. The two are manufactured according to the same standards used in the manufacture of the new IBCs.
What this implies is that a rebottled IBC can be used to safely store and transport food and drink items. It can, therefore, be recommended for use in holding drinking water for animals, but not for humans.
Considering the cage used here is refurnished, you should not use the container in food-safe places or environments generally considered to be sterile.
Common uses for a rebottled IBC include:

  • Storing animal feeds
  • Holding drinking water for animals
  • Storing grains and cereals 

It’s common for individuals to wonder which IBCs are ideal for use in various tasks. The key thing to note is that if you are looking to hold human drinking water, then the ideal IBC model to use will be the new IBC. Consider the purpose of the IBC before acquiring one to make sure you will make the right purchase decision.