Many people currently use coaching in sport, health and nutrition. In addition to benefiting from a personalized follow-up, this solution allows them to boost their motivation and helps them reach their goals. In order to fulfill his mission, the personal coach can intervene at your home or online.

Personalized sports coaching to benefit from permanent support

During a first appointment, the sports coach will find out about your objective, then carry out a personalised diagnosis to offer you a programme adapted to your level and physical condition. Usually, this assessment consists in knowing your weak points, your assets, your current level in sport and to check your ability to progress. Based on this diagnosis, the coach will set a precise work schedule to allow you to reach your goals with complete peace of mind. Sports coaching allows you to benefit from sound advice, encouragement and moral support at all times. The sessions are friendly and enjoyable to help you love sport and surpass yourself. Whether you want to lose weight or get back into shape, the coach will find the right exercises and guide you from the beginning to the end of the session.

Improve your quality of life through health coaching

Not exercising and adopting poor eating habits puts you at risk for diabetes, obesity, metabolic disorders and high blood pressure. In order to improve your quality of life, it is advisable to resort to health coaching. The health coach brings a lasting change in your habits. If necessary, he helps you lose weight by instilling healthy eating habits. He advises you on how to improve your health by offering you tailor-made exercises to relax and maintain your fitness level.

Use nutrition coaching to promote your well-being

Nutrition coaching is suitable for people who wish to increase their muscle mass, lose weight, increase their energy level, improve their intestinal or digestive function. The nutrition expert generally combines regular physical activity and good eating habits to promote your well-being. First, the nutrition coach will learn about your lifestyle, eating habits and health status. He or she will also learn about your goals and expectations. After conducting a dietary survey, he reveals the results, then shares his recommendations with you and establishes your nutritional objectives for follow-up.